Questions and Answers

A: Having a support team wherever I go will be of utmost importance. I’ve seen too many well intentioned candidates turn 180 degrees after spending some time in office. Frankly, there are as many temptations within the walls of government as there are outside. The longer a legislator goes without a support team, the more apt they are to lose their way and fall into a ditch.

I currently have a support team at home consisting of my wife, my campaign team, prayer group and Bible study group. Immediately after being elected, I will connect with the SD legislative Bible study group and the legislative morning worship group. I will also apply to join the South Dakota Freedom Caucus and The Hazlitt Coalition. In that way, I will have Christian fellowship and conservative support where ever I go.

A: As I travel District 30, I talk to people wherever I go. I hear them talk about many of the same issues that I am also concerned about. PAT BAUMANN STANDS WITH YOU FOR:

  • ELECTION INTEGRITY – Without free and fair elections, we the people will lose our voice. Without our voice, we will lose our constitutional republic. At a minimum, elections should consist of voter ID, paper ballots, and a hand count audit of random precincts after the machine count has been completed. Voter rolls need to be cleaned up on a regular basis and residency requirements need to be strengthened.

  • IMMIGRATION CONTROL – America currently has an open border policy. According to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP), over 8 million illegal border crossings have occurred during the past 3 years. I believe that the actual number is FAR greater than that. Illegal immigrants have been bussed and flown all over our nation, including into South Dakota.

According to the CBP, illegal immigrants are coming from over 150 other countries. They are primarily young adult males, not family groups. With them, they bring fentanyl, child sex trafficking and crime. They are allowed to enter and travel without identification, vaccinations or health screening (unlike Americans that have been forced to vaccinate or lose their jobs). Some states are joining our federal government in providing illegal immigrants with free lodging, cell phones, gift cards, education, medical care and travel accommodations. I stand firmly AGAINST ANY state or federal support for illegal immigrants. Build the wall – send them home – let them apply for LEGAL immigration like every other person that wants permission to enter our country.

  • FREEDOM TO WORSHIP, SPEAK AND ASSEMBLE – In recent years, churches have been forced to shut down, countless people have lost their social and media platforms, and gatherings have been limited at home, work and school. This cannot continue. I support the First Amendment of our constitution which provides for freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition.

  • PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS – Landowners should be protected from outside parties having unauthorized use of their private land. Property taxes should not be unfairly levied upon landowners (like what is happening in District 30 with inflated property values). Private property should not be seized by law enforcement agencies unless due process has been served first.

  • STOPPING GOVERNMENT OVERREACH – The national and state governments have grown well beyond the limits set by our state and federal constitutions. It is time to stop this growth and to rein government in.

  • RESPONSIBLE FISCAL SPENDING – A government budget should be run similar to the budget of our families. We should spend within our means and stay out of debt.

  • INDIVIDUAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS – I am an avid hunter, shooter and gun owner. I support the citizen’s right to own firearms for sport, self-defense, hunting or collecting. I support the second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

A: Having a family of my own, I understand the importance of family. Family and family values are the fundamental building blocks of our country and our state. The strength of our communities is directly related to the strength of our families. I believe in the parental rights over their children. I support school choice and the right of parents to educate their children as they deem appropriate. I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death without termination.